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The quarter moon hides behind an ocean of sky stretching into forever.
It peeks out from behind its veil, revealing two figures that stand alone under the endless shade of darkened brush.
A soft breeze begins to pick apart the shadows from atop the forest canopy.
"This water you've been treading was never meant for you." His eyes are sunken, dead with heartache.
"Then why did you come here, my love? Why am I still here?" She whispers fearfully.
The moon has decided to show itself.
She cautiously steps toward him from beneath the midnight shadow.
Her moonlit silhouette begins to bloom, bleaching out the darkness.
"There's something I have to do now. A promise I made. You know I can never break a promise."
His eyes are filled with tears of sorrow.
His forced breath reminds her of a dying creature too fargone to save.
Horror grips her face as shock begins to surface.
She gasps.
Tears begin to fill her eyes.
Her hands and head fall low, her legs almost collapse.
She's shaking.
She stares straight through this planet, she's shaking, on the verge of tears, she's shaking.
This guilt marked upon his face remains ever hidden from the moonlight.
The breeze becomes a powerful gust, showering them with endless swirls of black and dark confetti.
Through closed eyes the sky sounds like the sea, for a moment she pretends she's still in heaven, still watching over mother ocean.
He's holding her tightly.
She tries looking him in the eyes as hers beg him no, please, don't let this be happening.
She wraps her wings around him, and he rips them off, spraying blood across the earth and sky.
He stabs her with her silver feathers, piercing through from flesh to bone.
She falls to his feet.
Choking on her blood she whispers, "Now maybe you can learn to fly."
She convulses, her arms stretch out to their fullest, reaching for him.
Her body falls limp as her last breath halts somewhere lost along the edges of her open mouth.
He looks away from her in shame.
Her eyes fade staring evermore into the ocean of sky.
The moon grows fearful, sinking in retreat.
He carefully closes both her eyes.
The wind slows peacefully to a stir once more.
He whispers no and continues digging.


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